About DLPR


DLPR Founder & Principal

Denise Lamott is a consummate public relations professional with a deep devotion to community and soulful causes that bring people together to do good and have fun. With nearly 25 years of publicity experience, she has cultivated some of the most trusted media relationships in the Bay Area. Her sincere nature and vivacious energy is infectious and effective in gaining interest and support of every event and organization that she represents.  She is a hands-on PR partner who often becomes deeply woven in to her client’s cause. Denise lives in Muir Beach, CA, where she proudly serves her local community as strongly as she does the broader Bay Area. Fueled by her passion for live entertainment, the environment and social justice, she has spent her life shining a spotlight on and participating in these incredibly meaningful movements.


Kind Words

I have worked with Denise for over 20 years and always recommend her services to all of my clients. She is a team player, talented, nimble and responsive to all of our clients and their demanding needs and schedules. We work together with diverse committees that take a lot of patience, attention and perspective. She has always been willing to go beyond-the-call, as well as successfully adapt to the constantly changing world of 21st Century Media. She really is the best!
“Denise Lamott is the perfect blend of personal and professional. The media are always happy to hear from her, and they know she will provide what they need on time and on point. With increasing competition for readership and attention, clear, personable communication is essential. Working with Denise is a delight. I wholeheartedly recommend Denise Lamott for all your media and PR needs.
— Kevin Patterson, Executive Director, Red Barn Productions
Denise is a delight to work with. Her investment in our success is as sincere and personal as it is professional. Her insights, efforts, and results are something we count on every year and she never fails to deliver.